Flowgrind International Skateboarding Contest
May 8, 2015, Nova Gorica

Three days of sunny weather, good music, food and great skateboarding – these are the words that describe 2nd annual Flowgrind International Skateboarding Contest in Nova Gorica. 60 skaters from 7 different countries entered at Flowgrind 2015. Friday’s practice was heated. Three certified judges had difficulty picking up winners. In sponsored category, Fabio Montagner took the crown for the second time in a row and in non-sponsored category lil Rene Torkar won for the second time. Congrats guys! Thanks to all the sponsors and skateboarders participating at Flowgrind 2015.


Non-Sponsored Category:
1: Rene Torkar
2: Luka Pavlic
3: Federico Mazzuchielli

Sponsored Category:
1: Fabio Montagner
2: Antonio Pekovic
3: Christopher Khan
4: George Barbulesco
5: Danilo Pisanjuk

2015 Official Video:

Skaters in montage:
Christopher Khan, Luka Bizjak, Rene Torkar, Luka Pavlič, George Barbulescu, Danilo Pisanjuk, Mark Presetnik, Patrik Prhat, Antonio Peković, Matija Frandolič, Jakob Vilhar, Matjaž Bedenik, Orest Heryliv, Jaka Tomšič, Vladimir Ivanov Gibona, Fabio Montagner and Marcel Rieger.

2015 Sponsors:

2015 Photo Gallery:

Vladimir Ivanov Gibona Switch Hardflip
George Barbulescu 360 Flip
Jakob Vilhar FS Feeble Grind
Antonio Pekovic Kickflip
Christopher Khan FS Feeble Grind
Simon Stubelj BS 360
Marcel Rieger FS One-Foot 5-0 Grind
Fabio Montagner Switch 50-50 Grind
L to R: Fabio Montagner, Danilo Pisanjuk, George Barbulescu, Christopher Khan, Antonio Pekovic